In January 2014 NGO “Centre for Creative Initiative” has started a project “Through youth participation towards more sustainable societies” (ID: EU41668) under Estonia – Latvia Cross-border Cooperation Programme. The aim of the project is to provide young people an opportunity to express their opinion on the matters of importance and to foster their creative potential.
Throughout the project almost 50 young people form Riga and Hiiumaa island according to the “Citizen” methodology will be working together on upcycling issues. Young people will share their findings, conclusion and suggestions during the project’s final conference (to be held in November this year). Prior to that they will be taking part in two international seminars (in Riga and Kaina) in order to learn about participation, recycling and upcycling, as well as to improve their teamwork, self-expression, argumentation, media literacy skills.

Kick-off Workshop in Riga. March 19 – 21, 2014

Latvian youth participants from BJC “Laimīte” and RIC project management group welcomed Estonian students and staff from Käina Gymnasium and project management group from Jaan Tõnissoni Instituut. During the student kick-off meeting in Riga content work on to the project took place, as well as excursion to the Latvian Parliament, meeting with deputy, group discussion and excursion in Getlini, meeting/discussing with Zaļa Josta for the project environmental aspects. On March 21st there was planning of the future student group work on the project in order to settle homework to do before the next meeting in Kaina, that will be held in Kaina, June 1-3, 2014.

PGM meeting in Kaina. April 15 – 16, 2014

PGM members from NGO „Centre for Creative Initiative” (Latvia) and staff from Children and Youth Centre „Laimīte” (Latvia) went to Kaina to meet PGM members from NGO „Jaan Tõnissoni Instituut” (Estonia) and staff from Kaina Secondary School (Estonia) in order to settle everything for the 2nd international student's meeting in Kaina.

Project partners:
NGO „Jaan Tõnissoni Instituut” (Estonia) – lead partner
Kaina Secondary School (Estonia)
NGO „Centre for Creative Initiative” (Latvia)
Children and Youth Centre „Laimīte” (Latvia)